Craig With Two Books II

C.A.Sanders is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction as well as a creative writing tutor/coach.  His short fiction has been published in many magazines–both electronic and print–over the past 15 years.  His stories span genres from literary and humor to fantasy/sci and horror.  His first novel,a dark fantasy titled Song of Simon, was released by Damnation Books (Now Caliburn Press) on Sept. 1st, 2013. His second novel is a historical fantasy set in Pre-Civil War New York, The Watchmage of Old New York. “Watchmage” is part of a planned open-ended series, “The Watchmage Chronicles.” Both books have received stellar reviews from both Amazon users and review sites.


Craig (C.A.) is also an accomplished music critic and historian.  He is the former Roots Rock Examiner for The Examiner and the former Featured Writer on Folk Music for, and often wrote on History for the same site.  He has also written on music for sites such as Relix Magazine, and  He is a former columnist on Pro Wrestling for

Craig interests include gaming–sports, roleplaying, and tabletop–music, history (especially New York City history), philosophy, mythology and Campbellian theory, and all things Geek. His influences include Neil Gaiman, R.A. Salvatore, GRRM, Anton Chekhov, and Philip Roth. He was once called “the most dastardly Skully player to ever live,” and it’s only a slight exaggeration. He still plays Dungeons and Dragons bi-weekly with the same group he’s been playing with since college.

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Craig was diagnosed with Bi-polar Syndrome when he was 14. He often refers to himself as “delightfully mad,” but it’s not always so delightful.

After graduating from SUNY New Paltz in ’00, Craig took on a variety of unique, interesting, and occasionally terrible jobs, in order to gain experience for his writing.  Craig has worked as a tarot reader, an actor in a dinner theater, an ambush salesman, a Human Resources pencil pusher, a limo driver, and a Special Education teacher, to name just a few.  He also holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education with a specialization in Writing from City College of New York.

Born in the Bronx, he currently lives in the NYC suburbs with his turtle, a life long friend since C. A. was six years old. His brother is the stand-up comedian Scott Sanders. His beloved partner, the writer, professor, and epic badass, Valerie Z. Lewis, passed away suddenly in 2013.

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