Reviews for Song of Simon

Here are review links to other websites. These are in addition to reviews on Amazon and other buy sites. It’s getting pretty good reviews. If you write a review on your website and want me to post it, let me know.

6/25/14: I received a 9 out of 10 from The Review Board. TRB is notoriously hard to impress, and a high score from them is extraordinary. It should be noted that Damnation Books fixed the misprints in Song of Simon and reprinted it. If the typos were the only thing keeping the book down…you get it.

4/23/14: An in-depth review from 4.5 stars

3/26/14: D’ebook Sharing gave me a fantastic write up. She really got what I tried to do with SoS. 5 stars

1/19/14: A review from AllBooks Review. Not much to say, but still a good review.

11/19/14: One of the first reviews ever for the fledgling (though now well established) site All Things Book-Review. I also did an interview for them. 4 stars

9/15/14: A great review from SFReader, a major scifi/fantasy zine. 5 stars


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