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The Watchmage world is full of rich detail, both mythological and historical. Here you will find information on both aspects: magic, Dweller races, the Veil and the Dreamworld, 1850s New York and America (some of it will be redundant with my NYC History articles) and anything else that I can think of or your might want to know. I even have a couple of short stories that I might throw in.


1) Magic: An Introduction
…A) The Chaos Seed
…B) The Five Elements
…C) Wizards and Magelings
…D) Watchmages and The Star of Nine
…E) The Veil and The Dreamworld
2) Dwellers
…A) Gnomes
…B) Goblins
…C) Ogres
…D) Pixies
…E) Pooka
…F) Redcaps
…G) Sidhe
…H) Trolls
…I) Dwellers from other lands
…J) Dweller Society
3) Other Supernormal Creatures
4) Our World in 1855
…A) New York
…B) America
…C) The World

doge in space card redux


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