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Goblins are common Veil Dwellers in New York, and they were early settlers in New Amsterdam. There was even one that sailed on the Half Moon with Henry Hudson. They are physically unappealing and their personalities are usually abrasive and sarcastic. They make up for these shortcomings with incredible intelligence and an aptitude for science and technology. Many of the world’s great scientists and inventors were Goblins.

Goblins adapt very well to the mundane world, where their penchant for invention is encouraged rather than stifled. Many prefer it to the other side of the Veil, where Glamour is the norm. Out of all the races, Goblins are the most comfortable in our world. They seem to take pleasure in watching the struggles of humanity.


Goblins are 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall, with skinny bodies, oversized heads, and awkwardly large feet. They tend toward dull green skin, with large yellow eyes and ears similar in shape to a fox’s, but even larger (they take the idiom “I’m all ears” as a mortal insult). Their ears sometimes flop at the tips. Their hands and especially their fingers are long and agile.

Their illusionary guise–like most of the commoner Dwellers–are short. Unlike Gnomes, they are skinny, sometimes frail. They usually have larger ears and intense, bulging eyes. They wear utilitarian clothes and care little about fashion. Hygiene isn’t a priority in either form.


Goblins prefer the company of no one. They like to live alone, and rarely make any interpersonal relationships. They are most at home when working on some project. Even when working on a project with other Goblins, they grumble, knowing that “they could do it better on their own.”

Goblins are easily slighted, but instead of physical confrontation, they plan elaborate tricks to humiliate or harm the offender. They do not get along well with Gnomes.

When Goblins do socialize, they enjoy the company of Trolls and Redcaps, the former for their wicked sense of humor, the latter for their gruff nature. They have little respect for the Sidhe and only pay homage when necessary.

Despite their isolationist nature, Goblins are very important to Dweller society on both sides of the Veil. Only Goblins know how to forge Hallowsteel, the enchanted metal that Dwellers use instead of iron and steel. Without Goblins, Dwellers would be stuck in the Bronze Age.


Goblin Names

Goblin names feature hard consonant sounds (like Redcaps) with Northern European inflections, and are never more than two syllables.


Illusionary Guise–Like all Dwellers, Goblins can disguise themselves as human. Their appearance is as mentioned above.

Brilliance–Goblins are far more intelligent than other Dwellers and humans. They have exceptional aptitude with science and technology.

Hallowsteel–Only Goblins know how to forge Hallowsteel, the metal that Dwellers use instead of iron. Many have tried to take the secret, all have failed.

Object Summoning–Goblins can summon tools at will. Some can even create tools that don’t exist. This requires a small amount of Glamour for mundane tools, far more for fantastic ones.

Limited Apparation–Goblins can apparate (teleport) short distances, no more than a quarter mile. This requires a very large amount of Glamour, so they rarely use it.

Resistance to Injury–Like all Dwellers, they cannot be hurt by normal means. Only Magic, Glamour, attacks by other Dwellers, and extreme elements harm them. They are particularly resistant to fire, and have a particular attraction to it.

Susceptible to Iron and Salt–Like most Dwellers, pure iron causes grievous injury to them. Even being around iron causes discomfort. Alloys like steel does not have that effect. Salt causes them discomfort, and too much will burn.

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