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Gnomes are one of the most common Veil Dwellers in New York. Along with Pooka and Goblins, they make up about 80% of New York’s Dweller population. They are the “salt-of-the-earth” types, the dream incarnate of the common person that works hard for their families and for the joy of a job well done. Their inherent abilities reflect this.

They prefer to live in woodland settings, and even their houses in cities reflect this with plants and small animals living within.

Friendly but reserved, Gnomes are generally good, practical, reliable citizens. Except for Goblins, Gnomes have adapted best to life in the mundane world, as long as they stay in rural settings. Of course, life on this side of the Veil can corrupt anyone.

Appearance: Gnomes are shorter than humans, averaging four feet tall. Then tend toward stout bodies. Ruddy cheeks and broad faces are common as well. Adult men favor beards, but women keep their faces clean shaven.

Gnomes prefer understated clothes, especially earth tones. Comfort and practicality trump fashion. Some Gnomes dress in the fashion of their homeland, but not if it will make them stand out.

old gnome

Society: Gnomes are very family oriented. They marry early and tend toward large families. Like other Dwellers, they form clans that can consist of any Dweller race. They get along especially well with Pooka, and Gnome/Pooka marriages are common. There’s still stigma attached to this, as Gnomish parents push their children to marry of their own kind. Marriages with any other Dweller races is scandalish. Marriage with humans is looked down upon, but accepted as a fact of life in the mundane world.

Gnomes are distrustful of the larger races such as Ogres and Trolls. They have a fierce rivalry with Goblins that sometimes turns violent.

Gnomes are usually religious, following the traditional Dweller beliefs and attending church dutifully. Of all the races, Gnomes are the most likely to become priests.

Gnomish Names: Gnomish names tend toward the lyrical, like the Sidhe. They are usually two to four syllables, with the emphasis on the first syllable ie: GEE-bee, TEE-pa-tok, etc. Female names usually end in a vowel sound, and male names rarely do.

Illusionary Guise–Like all Dwellers, Gnomes can disguise themselves as human. Their guise is usually of a short, stocky person, a larger version of themselves.

Knack–Gnomes are born with extraordinary talent in one field. Common ones include farming, tradework (tailor, shoemaker, haberdasher, silversmith, etc), organization skills, writing, and cooking.

All Gnomes have some skill with plants and animals, which is why they get along well with Pooka.

Object Summoning–Gnomes can summon objects at will, but only those related to their knack or that will help them achieve a goal related to their job. This requires a small amount of Glamour.

Limited Apparation–Gnomes can apparate (teleport) short distances, no more than a quarter mile. This requires a very large amount of Glamour, so they rarely use it. If related to their knack, it becomes much easier (for example, Geebee often apparates around Turtle House when called).

Resistance to Injury–Like all Dwellers, they cannot be hurt by normal means. Only Magic, Glamour, attacks by other Dwellers, and extreme elements harm them.

Susceptible to Iron and Salt–Like most Dwellers, pure iron causes grievous injury to them. Even being around iron causes discomfort. Alloys like steel does not have that effect. Salt causes them discomfort, and too much will burn. If their knack involves salt (like in cooking) it causes less irritation.

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