About C. A. Sanders

Hi, everyone. I am a semi-established writer of fiction and non-fiction. I live in Rockland County, NY, where I ply my trade and occasionally get paid for it. You can see my full website, with links to published work and my blog, at www.casanders.net

Life in the Coronaverse: Day 14

Things are starting to get crazy here. I haven’t touched another human in 2 weeks.  I’m an introvert, but this is a long time without human contact. I miss Katie so much.


Life in the Coronaverse: Day 13

Hoo Boy. Things are getting intense here in New York.  It’s hard to keep 6 feet away in a place where you live in tiny apartments.  I don’t think people realize how small they are. New Yorkers are used to having the city outside as part of their home. There’s a LOT of park and playground space because people don’t have yards. But now people aren’t just exercising in the park, they’re congregating just to have some human presence.

20200328_06024220200328_060158cosmic-cat tripping balls redux

The Pickle Slicer Joke

Jokes will keep us sane. Here’s one of my favorites:

Mr. Jones worked at the pickle factory for twenty years. He was on the assembly line, just a few feet from the pickle slicer.

One day he came home with his hands in his pockets, tears running down his face.

Mrs. Jones ran to him. “What happened?”

“I was fired today.”


“For twenty years I worked on the assembly line, and each day I’ve had this terrible urge to put my finger in the pickle slicer. Today, I could resist no more, and I put my finger in the pickle slicer.”

“Oh no!” cried his wife. “That’s terrible…what happened to the pickle slicer?”

“They fired her too.”

doge in space card redux