The Goose Song (by C.A. Sanders/ Drustan of Old Stonebridges)

This one is silly. I decided that The Moose Song, a very dirty and much-maligned song, needed a completely clean parody. And I tend to write about geese a lot 🙂

The Goose Song (To the tune of Sweet Betsy from Pike)

I was a child, at a pond near a beach

a toy in one hand, in the other a peach

I laughed and I giggled while drinking the juice

when I was attacked by a horrible goose


A goose, a goose, a horrible goose

I was attacked by a horrible goose

His honking was loud and his bowels were loose

yes, I was attacked by a horrible goose

He jumped on my back and he honked and he spit

he ate up my peach but he left me the pit

his pecking was faster than the lightning of Zeus

I could not escape that horrible goose


I fell to the ground and I played o-possum

for his pecking was wrecking my butt like a drum

I begged him for quarter “oh give me a truce”

but no honor lives in a horrible goose


I asked the goose oh, why are you so mean

he honked that it’s all that he’s ever been

I told him forget that, be free and footloose

and I saw a light shine in that horrible goose


Now we are pals since that day on the beach

when he bruised up my butt and he ate up my peach

but I’d never change him, he needs no excuse

cause he’ll always be a horrible goose



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