Posting links to my published works is more challenging than I expected.  The sad truth is that magazines don’t have a long life span.  Even college-funded lit mags sometimes go defunct.  As a result, there are no links to much of my early work.  I am considering either rewriting and reselling much of my early work, or just posting them on this website.

Skully“–March 2016–Twisted Tales: 15 Literary Lies and Epic Yarns–Readers Circle of Avenue Park. Skully is a street game that I used to play growing up in The Bronx. I used it as a vehicle here for a “Devil Went Down to Georgia” scenario with some kids that got in way over their heads.

The Watchmage of Old New York–Oct 2015. I took the JukePop serial and rebooted/expanded it. This is the first in an open-ended series of novels called The Watchmage Chronicles

“Grey Moon”–2014–Mystic Hawker Press.  Grey Moon will be included in the anthology Campfire Howls Note: They bought the story, but the anthology never came out.

If You Leave MeFebruary 2014–Twisted Love–Badass Authors Collective. A horror-romance that I wrote shortly after Valerie died.  It was very difficult to write, as it was born right out of my nightmares. It appears in the anthology Twisted Love. Completely FREE at Smashwords.

Song of SimonSept 2013–Damnation Books. My debut novel, Song of Simon is about a suburban teen who is pulled into a fantasy world, where violence is an every day occurrence, and God is imprisoned by the Priesthood.

This is my ‘fuck you’ to flippant fantasy writers who get off on writing gory, stomach churning scenes, without examining the impact it has on the psyche and soul. Using an everyday kid we can relate to, I explore the ramifications of extreme violence. Each character handles it differently…will Simon be the one to overcome, or is he destined to sink into the despair around him?

Song of Simon is available at Damnation Books,, Barnes & Noble, or any bookstore.

The Watchmage of Old New York”  Jukepop Serials.  Jan 2013 — February 2014. — An extremely popular serial, it is currently the 3rd popular serial on the site (topping out at 2nd, which it held for several months) and one of the longest running. I admit, I am very fond of this story, and I did tons of research into 1855 New York in order to make it accurate. Each story arc is soon to be a novel, and each novel will be EPIC!

Grey Moon“.  Hogglepot.  Jan 2013 — This story comes from an idea that me and my friend Danielle had.  We were going to co-write “The Magnificent Seven” using werewolves.  What began as a character sketch became a full story.

Masked Man Works at Shop Rite“.  Bewildering Stories.  Issue 499. Oct 2012. — This story was born after me and my girlfriend (the lovely and talented Valerie Z. Lewis) saw the disappointing “The Dark Knight Rises.”  We both wrote stories projecting life after herohood;  hers was a comedy, mine was a bit darker.

Wagging Their Tails Behind Them“.  SLAB. Vol 2. 2006-07. —  “Tails” comes from an incident that happened to me as a teenager.  I used to volunteer at the local animal shelter.  One day we received a young pit bull named Brittany.  A few days later, a couple of young men tried to adopt her.  I don’t know why but the manager refused to give them the dog.

This was the last story published before I went on a two year hiatus from writing.  When I came back, I came back to non-fiction, although expect more short stories in the near future.

“The Ghost in the Linoleum”.  Palisades.  January 2005 —  This story, in its rawest form, came from the challenge in Steven King’s memoir, “On Writing.”  The final version was very different.  The writing process is never a straight line.  Unfortunately, the final version of this story was lost in the Great Computer Death of 2006.  There might be a hard copy somewhere, but I don’t know.  The website, of course, is long gone.

“Keeper”. Babel.  August 2003 —  The setting of “Keeper” comes from my childhood summers in the Catskill Mountains.  Like many NYC familes, we escaped the city heat every year by staying at a bungalow colony (think Dirty Dancing).  The incident recorded in the story never happened though.

“Keeper”. DreamForge.  June 2003. —  I was lucky enough to have Keeper published by two different magazines right after each other. Aspiring writers: never expect this to happen. Times were different 9 years ago.

“Born Dead”. Thoth’s Libram.  1999. — This was the first story of mine that I ever saw in print, and it is very special to me.  I wrote it for my friend Osvaldo Oyola’s gaming and fantasy “zine” (this was before webzines) Thoth’s Libram.  Although the circulation was very small (I don’t think it was ever more than 20), the writing was very high quality, and it deserves respect.


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