Great News!

I can’t help but be obnoxiously excited.  My novellette “The Watchmage of Old New York” has been accepted by Jukepop Serials to be published in serial form!

So big whoop!  Why are you so excited?  You get stuff published all the freakin time

Two reasons:

1) Moving a 15,000 word story is next to impossible.  Too big for most magazines, too small to self publish.

2) They pay 2cents a word (up to 5000 words).  Because part 1 was 4000 words, I am looking at an 80 dollar pay day.  For fiction, that is a huge pay day in an industry where they rarely pay you for short stories.

My favorite cheese is . . . chedda!

Further more, if my story is voted into the top 30, I get cash prizes.  So vote for me!  Vote early, vote often!  You have to register, but it is an easy registration, and there are a lot of good serials on there.  Mine is the best, but others are good too.

Valerie has a new story up too, and it is amazing (like all of them).  She is so much more talented than me that it’s ridiculous.  Even her dick jokes are more subtle and nuanced.

So yeah, read and vote for my story!  And read some of the others on there too.


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