Wizards and Magelings

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There are two types of magic users in The Watchmage Chronicles. The first are Wizards: immortal beings with the power to channel Chaos Energy. The second are Magelings: Humans that have learned magic through apprenticeship and study. Though Wizards are far more powerful, there are few in the world. Magelings are plentiful, and their spells make up the bulk of magic in the world.

Wizards: Wizards have existed since pre-civilization, and were often the leaders of great civilizations or gods that they worshipped. Legends of great lost empires and divine acts are often the blurred retelling of their great feats. Though few in number, their kind have shaped the world and human existence, unseen and unknown. They are the invisible hand that pushes society forward and pulls it back.

Even Wizards don’t know if they are human or some other species, though they debate it at length. They appear to be exactly like a normal human, but with one difference. Within them is a Chaos Seed: a connection to the Dream World that produces Chaos Energy. Wizards use this energy to transform reality. They weave the same spells that Magelings do, but Chaos energy gives them more pronounced results.

Wizards are usually reclusive and avoid the company of short-lived humans. The exception are Watchmages. Watchmages are Wizards appointed by their ruling body–The Star of Nine–to oversee populated areas and keep Magelings and Dwellers from causing mishaps and Warp. Some Watchmages live in large cities, while other–more rare–Watchmages roam over a larger area, distributing justice as needed.

As long as a Wizard’s Chaos Seed exists, he cannot die. If his Seed is completely drained or somehow removed (though this has never been recorded), the Wizard will die.

Magelings: Magelings (they call themselves by many names: mages, magicians, sometimes even wizards) are human beings with nothing special besides the intellect and will to weave spells. They learn magic through apprenticeship to established Magelings and from years of study and practice. Like Wizards, they weave spells using the five elements, but lacking Chaos Energy. While they lack the potency of a Wizard, magelings can prove quite powerful. A Mageling armed with relics to enhance their spells can match a true Wizard.

Magelings have a very close-knit society, hiding themselves within fraternal and religious orders. They sometimes try to manipulate society like Wizards, but are less successful than they believe. Family lines play an important part of Mageling society. They often pass their secrets down from parent to child or other relatives.

Magelings are under the thumb of Wizards, and must be careful not to break their laws with reckless spells, as Watchmage justice is swift and…unpleasant. Sometimes a Wizard will take a mageling student in order to properly teach him magic and instill the law of The Star of Nine. Learning from a Wizard is considered a point of honor among Magelings.

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