Magic in Watchmage: An Introduction

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Magic hand

Magic is at once very simple and incredibly complicated. There are several types of magic users, and each has different effects:

Magelings: Magelings (they call themselves magicians, wizards, mages, or whatever is en vogue at the moment), can create minor reality transformations. They do this by “weaving” together the five elements (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Aether) into set patterns, producing the desired effect. As the human body can only produce a small amount of elemental energy, they often draw energy from other places such as crystals, herbs, and magical relics.

Wizards: Wizards–such as Nathaniel–are set apart by the Chaos Seed. This “seed” is actually a part of the Dream World, and it allows them to use Chaos energy. When combined with traditional spells, they are able to transform reality far beyond a mageling’s scope.

Wizard are immortal as long as their Chaos Seed isn’t completely drained. The Chaos Seed refreshes over time. As a wizard ages, his Chaos Seed grows more potent. This means that older Wizards–such as Nathaniel’s master, Sol–control immense power.

Dwellers: Veil Dwellers (they call themselves Shining Ones), are creatures of the Dream World that have either left their home or were pulled into the mundane world through Warp (rifts in the Veil caused by misuse of magic).

Dwellers–except for the Sidhe–cannot use magic (and even the Sidhe cannot match a Wizard). Instead they use Glamour, which can produce effects. Each Dweller race has unique Glamour abilities, though some abilities (such as their illusionary guise) are universal. Some abilities include: Apparation, Flight, Illusion, Animal Form and Control, Item Summoning, and Physical Prowess.

Dwellers are immortal, but they can be faded across the Veil, back into the Dream World. They usually return to the Realm of their origin, but this is not definite.

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