Lays Do Us a Flavor: My Results

I take potato chips seriously, and I love the Lays chips contest. As a true connoisseur of chipdom, I tried each of the new flavors: New York Reuben, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, Greektown Gyro, and California Wavy Truffle Fries. I judges each one based on taste and originality on a scale from 1 to 10. This is serious science, folks, I swear.

Here are my results:

California Wavy Truffle Fries: I’ve had this flavor before. It’s called “Sour Cream and Chives.” Were the waves supposed to make it unique? It failed.
The taste was pretty good, but it was nothing I haven’t had before.

Taste: 7
Originality: 2
Average: 4.5

Southern Biscuits and Gravy: This is a very good flavor. It actually tastes like biscuits and gravy, and delivering on a promise is a good thing. There’s no chip like it out there.

Taste: 7
Originality: 8
Average: 7.5

Greektown Gyro: No…just…no. I’ll give it props for being different, but the gyro taste is faint, and what you can taste is awful. I love gyros, and this chip makes me very sad.

Taste: 1
Originality: 7
Average: 4

New York Reuben: By far the best chip. You taste the meat, the sauerkraut, and all the little things that make Reubens so amazing. There’s no chip like it, the only close one being bbq, and that’s still miles away. This goes up there with the Sriracha and the Bacon Cheesy Mac chip.

Taste: 9
Originality: 9
Average: 9

Winner: New York Reuben!!!!

Of course, this is still the best flavor. It’s a real people pleaser.


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