The Chaos Seed

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The Chaos Seed is what sets Wizards apart from ordinary human beings. It allows them
to summon and use Chaos energy to power their spells. Since Magic is transformation, Chaos is extremely powerful. The Chaos Seed also provides immortality to Wizards, but if the seed is drained completely, the Wizard dies.

What is it? : No one knows exactly what the Chaos Seed is, but Wizard scholars believe it to be a connection to the Dream World. They believe that the “seed” is actually a pipeline of sorts that transfers Chaos to the Wizard. The phrase “dreams to reality” is often associated with this belief.

More religious Wizards believe it to be part of the Divine. They tend to see themselves as avatars of whatever God they believe in, and act according (for good or ill).

The Chaos Seed manifests around puberty, though it’s been know to do so earlier or much later in life.

How Does It Work? : Wizards imagine the Chaos Seed as a flower. It “blooms” when the Wizard channels energy, and “withers” as that energy is drained. In reality, it functions more like a well. When a wizard uses too much Chaos, he begins to age. When it’s replenished, he returns to his normal form. If it’s completely tapped dry, the Wizard will die. This has rarely happened, as the Wizard will usually fall unconscious from exertion beforehand.

Chaos Energy does not have to be used with the five elements in a set spell. Instead, the Wizard can use it directly to strike a target. This is particularly effective against Veil Dwellers. The influx of Chaos overwhelms them and can fade them back across the Veil.

Can You Lose or Acquire One? : There are rumors of the sort, but no official records. You can be sure that if it was possible, The Star of Nine (the Wizards’ ruling body) would keep it a secret. Chaos Energy can be stored in a receptacle, and is often used in magical relics. Such items do not replenish on their own, but must be done by a Wizard.

In “The Watchmage of Old New York,” Nathaniel made a pendant filled with Chaos for his apprentice, the mageling Hendricks.

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