One Year Ago, Today

One year ago, today, my life changed forever.

I went on a date with a girl that I had been talking to online.  We met at an Italian resturant named Capri.  As I pulled up in my car, I saw a girl leaning against a pillar, smoking a cigarette.  I though Hey, if this date doesn’t work out, I can go hit on her.

It turned out that she was my date.  We went inside.  I ordered chicken marsala, she ordered chicken francaise.  I’m not sure, but that may have triggered the infamous “French Style” story (I might have saved that for another date.  I hope so, that is not a first date story).

I will never, ever, share the “french style” story on this blog. You’ll just have to ask me in person . . . if you dare

Afterwards, we went to get Starbucks because neither of us wanted the date to end.  The barrister had a giant beard, and I complimented him on it.  I called him my “brother of the beard.”  I was trying to impress her by being all friendly and social (which I am decidedly not)

Not quite this epic

We talked for a long time, and when the date was over, I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

the pasta was delicious, by the way

It was the best date that I had ever gone on where I didn’t get laid.

One year later, Valerie and I are still together.  I can’t believe that she puts up with me;  lord knows I wouldn’t.

Baby, I love you so much that it makes me nauseous.  Here’s to forever!


4 thoughts on “One Year Ago, Today

  1. Italian that’s my girl she knows a way to a man’s heart is through food and it must be italian =) (and yes I am italian and I said this to val once lol)

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