I’m back, and some Watchmage news.

Hey readers. Sorry that I haven’t been around. I’ve been dealing with a bunch of medical issues, and I’ve just been too damn tired to update the blog.  I’ve really been too tired to deal with much of anything.

I have been working on my serial The Watchmage of Old New York.  I posted a new chapter yesterday, as I do every Monday.  It’s crawling up the ranks in popularity too.  Right now Watchmage is in 15th place, but your VOTES can push it into the top 10.  Seriously, VOTE FOR WATCHMAGE!!

You might want to read it too.  It’s a pretty good story, although as I read it now for the twenty millionth time, there’s so much that I want to change.  There is an IPHONE APP and GOOGLE PLAY app, so you can read on the go.

Here’s a review of Watchmage on Web Fiction Guide.

That’s part of the reason why I decided on this:  Since Watchmage is already comprised of 3 story arcs, I am going to turn each story arc into a full novel.  This will give me a chance to fully explore both the characters and the world that they live in. More Jonas and Hendricks buddy cop/ ambiguous homosexual bromance!  More Nathaniel dealing with sparkly shit!  And more 19th Century New York City, the real star of the show!  I am taking notes for the first novel now, and hope to start writing soon.

This also means that I will probably not post the 3rd story arc on jukepopserials.  This is fine, since the second arc will probably run until the summer anyway, and i have to wait 6 months for the rights to return to me.

More news on Song of Simon will be on the way soon.


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