Ninja Turtle Donatello Dies! (maybe)

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I haven’t read the TMNT comic in many years, but I have a lot of love for the heroes in a half shell. That’s why when I read that Donatello dies in the next issue, I was shocked.

Actually, I wasn’t shocked. If I remember correctly, Donatello was once shot and thrown from a helicopter. They kept him alive with robotic parts, turning him into a cyborg.

Yes, a teenage mutant ninja cyborg.

Donnie was never my favorite (that goes to Leo), but I liked him a lot. I always saw him as the most pure-hearted of the turtles, even more than Mikey. Donnie was the introverted nerd, and the nerd in me related to him. Nerds of a feather…er…shell…flock together.

I’m sure that they will find a way to revive him. After all, in comics everybody comes back except Uncle Ben, Batman’s parents, and Bucky Barnes…forget that last part.

Here’s a screen shot from the comic.

Poor Donnie.

I told my pet turtle Shelvin about it. He was unmoved, and went back to fighting Godzilla.

Shelvin vs Godzilla

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