Love it? Hate it? New Avengers Lineup!

We all know by now that Marvel comics is doing a massive crossover (and money-maker) beginning in May. You’ve heard the name before: yes, they’re redoing Secret Wars. Of course they’re doing it differently, but just the name alone is going to suck recovering comic book addicts like me back in. Sometimes I feel like Michael Corleone in Godfather III (which isn’t as bad as it’s reputation, but that’s a different story).

I’m not going to talk about the new Secret Wars, but I’m going to talk about the aftermath. Marvel recently revealed it’s post-Secret Wars lineup for the Avengers. I love it.

I love it because it shows that Marvel is trying to reach a wider demographic: Not just white boys, but boys and girls of all races and religions.

The new line up is:

Iron Man: Maybe it’s Tony, maybe it’s Pepper Potts

Ms. Marvel: Not Carol Danvers, but the teen Kamala Khan (the first Muslim and Pakistani Marvel Superhero)

Thor: Not Donald Blake, but the new female wielder of Mjolnir. Her identity is still unknown.

Captain America: Not Steve Rogers (who was artificially aged, nor Bucky Barnes. It’s Sam Wilson–The Falcon–who carries the shield (does he carry the shield? I hope so).

Vision: Let’s face it, you can’t have the Avengers without Vision.

Nova: The teenaged Sam Alexander, who is also half Latino.

Spider-Man: Not Peter Parker, but Miles Morales. Yes, Miles Morales is sucked into the main continuity from the Ultimates Universe (which gets destroyed). I love Miles, he’s a great character, and I think he fits perfectly what a modern Spider-Man should be. What this means for Pete, I don’t know, but I hope he gets a happy ending, or at least not die.

The New Avengers

So as you can see, Marvel is going young (Nova, Spidey, and Ms. Marvel) and they’re going diverse. They’re going for the new generation, and I think that’s the right move. Diversity is the key.

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