What to do next…

Watchmage is almost ready. I just sent the final copy off to the proofreader and layout artist. Now the question is: What comes next?

I could do the following:

1) go over the first draft for Watchmage #2: Cold Iron. I think it needs a lot of work (as all first drafts do)

2) Write more short stories. I’d like to do some shorts in the Watchmage world, but not using the main characters, per se. In that case, I should probably do the same for Song of Simon.

3) Start adding more content to this website. I haven’t done much on nyc history yet. I’d also like to add additional content related to Watchmage, like definitions of each Dweller type and how magic works. My editor thinks I should have an appendix for 1855 slang as well.

4) Dick around. No. If i’m not productive, I go a little nuts.

I’m leaning toward 2 or 3, maybe both.


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