Under Deconstruction

With The Watchmage of Old New York (the novel, not the serial) coming out soon, it looks like I have to do another revamp of my webpage. I would like to add additional source material for my novels. The hard part is motivating myself to do it.


Because both novels are fantasy, there’s so much to add. So far I’ve been doing it obliquely with my articles on Music History and NYC History. That’s great, but it’s not enough.

So what would you like to see as far as source history goes? For Watchmage, I can do stuff about the Dweller races and magic in general, but a lot of it also crosses into my NYC History articles. Do I get more specific about some things? I know that my piece on mid-century slang is a must.

For Song of Simon, I should probably do a character appendix. It’s an expansive book, and sometimes it’s hard for the reader to remember all the characters. I can also do stuff about specific regions, the gods, and the elemental races (Grugach, Ghillie Dhu, etc).

But for today, I’ll blog and rearrange some stuff. Maybe I’ll put up a new Music History article…maybe.

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