Technical Difficulties

I might be out of commission for a while. My computer has a “known issue” and will have to go back to the manufacturer for recall. I’m not going to send it until I get an external hard drive to save my work on. I’ll try to blog when I can.

BTW: I really wanted to post about Powerball. There’s a lot of stuff going around about how people are stupid for playing and don’t understand math. I get math, I still played. It had nothing to do with winning, it had to do with dreams. For two days I got to dream about winning 1.4 billion dollars. Isn’t that worth two dollars?

Also, it was my birthday yesterday. I turned 39. I’m fucking 39.

I’m also in a depressive cycle. I know that I am, because I’m spending my time lying down, staring at the ceiling, and sighing like a heartbroken teen. I suck.

guinea pig card


1 thought on “Technical Difficulties

  1. I agree, it has nothing to do with math, it has to do with dreams. We are both romantic in the way that we experience life. Those people. who bring up math and the analytical appeal of playing the lottery don’t play because they see the flaw and loose the hope of winning because of it. Does that make sense?

    You play because you can imagine that hope, they, cannot. Tomato “to-mah-toe”

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