I would like to start tutoring students again.

Right now I’m a floating teacher and TA for BOCES (the NY alternative program for special needs and learning challenges), but I feel like I don’t do enough there. I’m far more effective teaching one-on-one as opposed to a large class. If you know me, you’d know that I’m a very mellow guy and seem to have a way with kids, especially when they’re frustrated with something.

Further more, a lot of my assignments are for students with MR or severe Autism. It’s a completely different form of teaching, and while it is rewarding, I miss teaching in more mainstream programs.

On the side, I’ve been working as a writing coach and editor, but that’s for adults. I’m good at it, and I think that it, combined with my own published work, gives me a very unique skill set.

The plan is to slowly phase out teaching with tutoring. It’ll give me more time to write and edit as well, plus, it’s more rewarding. Every student needs a tutor, because there’s always room to level up.

I’m even considering offering tutoring through Google Hangouts to increase my range. Might as well embrace the new technology, right?

Now for the hard part: actually getting clients.

doge in space card redux



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