Press Release for “The Watchmage of Old New York”

Like the one I wrote for Song of Simon, here is the one for “Watchmage.”


Press Release Announcement: The Watchmage of Old New York

Contact: C.A. Sanders,


New York Author C.A. Sanders Brings 19th Century Manhattan to Life With Steampunk Fantasy The Watchmage of Old New York

watchmage small

New York native C.A. Sanders brings his city’s history to life–with a healthy dose of fantasy—in his award-winning serial, The Watchmage of Old New York.  Set in 1855, “Watchmage” follows Nathaniel Hood, a one hundred and fifty year old wizard, who is the appointed guardian and law enforcement of New York’s magical community.  This community involves fairy tale creatures—called “Dwellers”—and mortals dabbling in the mystical arts.

When a wealthy family’s infant goes missing without a trace, Nathaniel suspects magical involvement.  His quest for answers leads him deep into New York’s magical underworld, where even a powerful wizard will find far more than he is looking for.

Later story arcs involve Dweller terrorism, a magic-smuggling operation, and a vicious killer that targets Dwellers.  Sanders plans many more story arcs, and novels that expand on each story.

“The 1850s was a rough time for New York,” says Sanders.  “The Irish Potato Famine led to a massive influx of immigrants unlike anything that the city had ever seen.  Violence and poverty were a fact of life in some areas, like Five Points (currently Chinatown) and Corlear’s Hook (currently the Lower East Side).  Meanwhile, the city’s upper class lived a life of obscene opulence.  There were major gains in the arts, with The Hudson River School of painting, and such writers as Edgar Allen Poe, Herman Melville, and Walt Whitman.  I do my best to explore all of that, in addition to the mythology that comes with these magical creatures.

“The concept of “Watchmage” is that the immigrants brought their hopes and dreams over the ocean, including creatures of dream: Elves, Goblins, Trolls, and the like.  Some came willingly, others were dragged against their will.  Either way, they are here and it’s up the Watchmage to guide them in this New World.”

The Watchmage of Old New York is hosted at, where it is consistently one of the most popular serials.

About the Author

C.A. Sanders is a writer of both fiction and nonfiction. In addition to The Watchmage of Old New York, His debut novel, Song of Simon, is available from and He formerly covered music for such sites as Relix,, and

C.A. has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from SUNY New Paltz, and a Master’s degree from the City University of New York.  Born in the Bronx during the dark decade of the 1970s, he currently lives in the New York suburbs.  He remains confident that this is the year the NY Jets win the Super Bowl…he says this every year.

Visit his website




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