Some Inspirational Bullshit From Me

So I had a bit of a philosophical moment last night (yes, there were “sandwiches” involved).  I thought about how in the vastness of the universe, nothing we do has any effect or real meaning.

You’re bringin’ me down, man

This was bringing me down and ruining my sandwich, but then I thought something else.  The universe may be infinitely vast, but we are not.  We exist in a small place, in a small amount of time.  Who gives a shit?  Everything that we do affects the world around us as we know it.  It effects the people we know, and the environment we live it.  It’s about scale.  If you think small, think local, than anything you do has “universe” changing effects.

You can’t change the universe, or even the world.  You can, however, change yourself, your family, even your town.  The ant may be insignificant to us, in an anthill, each one is as important as can be.

Take it or leave it.  It’s all fucking philosophical stuff that has no meaning besides what you give it.

Maybe the sandwich was given to me by aliens?



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