All Authors Blog Blitz: Casey Harvell

Hey everyone. As I mentioned the other day, today is the All Authors Blog Blitz. Help me welcome author Casey Harvell to my blog, as she tells you a little about herself and her growth from reader to writer. Enjoy!

Meet Bestselling Amazon Author Casey Harvell

A long-time resident of the Hudson River Valley, I’ve always been a reader—like a big time reader! Sometime in fourth grade (long after tearing through series like The Babysitter’s Club and the Sweet Valley High books) I sunk my teeth into Gone With the Wind. Next came Scarlett and Pride and Prejudice. I never stood a chance. I began writing as well. I began with short stories. As a teen and in college I worked on a sequel to Scarlett. Somewhere it still sits on a 3 ½ inch floppy disk. A college professor thought it promising but somehow it still got shelved.

My first novel (Lingering…2011) was set in the Catskill Mountains across the river from my home. It was a long process (about three years around work and family) and I queried and submitted my little tushie off. Discouraged I returned to life.

In 2011 I was introduced to self-publishing. I figured what the hey—I’d already wrote the thing after all. Crudely covered and grossly formatted out it went to the masses. I made it free—I was a no-name author after all—and eventually it got downloads. A lot of downloads.

So I began work on Righteous Decisions. I had a lot of great support and help and a year later it was complete. Then came Charged and Harsh Decisions. I also released a compilation of short stories. My newest release is Shocked. Last year I made a major life change. With the help and support of my husband I left corporate America behind and pursued my passion full-time. I also write for and am the proud owner of Fancypants Book Formatting ( ) amongst other things!

Electric Covers and website

My Electric Series is about a teenage girl who gets charged with electricity during a band accident. Her body absorbs the energy and mutates it. Just as Kat realizes her powers the new molecular nanotechnology goes bonkers and the world becomes a panicked and highly infectious apocalyptic hell. You can check out the book trailer here:

My Decisions Series is about Lettie (a misfit photographer) who tries to find her way in the world. She’s lived with a nightmare disorder her entire life but normalcy gets tossed out the window when she meets two men that will forever change her life. She discovers her destiny in a paranormal world and the bounty it places on her head. Good vs evil just took on a whole new meaning.

Recently I’d been asked about my muse and the asker was surprised by my answer. I get a lot of inspiration from music, movies, tv, books (of course!) but also video games and comics. What are my favorite inspirational video games? The Bioshock games! The imagery is extraordinary!

What’s next? Wired will be the final installment of The Electric Series and will be out sometime next winter. Soul Decisions will be out sometime close to that also and while it’ll be the end of Lettie’s journey it might just be the start of another character’s adventure. I also have a couple standalones coming in the future but I’m not quite ready to share other than one will be heartbreakingly sweet and the will be darker.

You can find out more information on my books on my website
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Thanks for your time and a big thanks to C.A. Sanders for the use of his blog!
You may return to your regularly scheduled program 😉


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