The Wordsmith Prism of Truth on Song of Simon

Another great review for Song of Simon! Note: I sent The Review Board the first printing of SoS. Since then, we did a second with the errors fixed.

The Review Board

songofsimonSong of Simon by C. A. Sanders
Amazon | Amazon Author Page

Genre: Fantasy

Greetings everyone!  The Review Board here to give our take on Song of Simon by C.A. Sanders.  Before we proceed, here is the summary via Amazon, provided by Wordsmith Andi:

Summary via Amazon:

Never stop singing. 

Life was never sweet for Simon. He lived in suburban New York, dodging high school bullies and strumming his guitar. Things were about to get much worse. 

Simon is drawn into the land of Algavar, where High Priestess Teretha has imprisoned their god in amber. He falls into a holy war led by Ilyana, a renegade priestess who claims to be the Messiah. Simon agrees to accompany Ilyana on a quest to kill Teretha, and he sinks hip deep into the violence and despair that permeate Algavar. 

Will Simon become the hero Ilyana believes he is, or will he…

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