Daniel Bryan: Crimestopper

Daniel Bryan runs down and chokes out a burglar. TKO by rear naked choke. Not bad for someone that just had major neck surgery.

The Jobbers Wrestling Review

In some of the most bad ass news I’ve heard all day, Daniel Bryan captured a burglar in his house and choked him out until the police came.

This is not a joke. It might be kayfabe, but I don’t think so.

Apparently, he came home with Brie to find burglars in his home. They dropped the loot and scattered, but Bryan ran one down and “subdued him.” Remember, he just had major surgery on his neck, and still has little strength in one arm. Without knowing if the thieves were armed, he dove in there and took one down. That’s some hard core shit.

I hope he sat on top of the guy and yelled YES! repeatedly.

Maybe something like this.

In addition to getting beat with chairs and 2 by 4s, Bryan spent many years training at Randy Couture’s gym. When he says he’s a submission specialist…

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