Wow. Much Coffee. So Drinking.

I really like coffee.

Does this count as a blog post? It’s about nine in the morning. I’ve been up for about an hour and a half, and it’s only now that i’m having my coffee. So that means that the actual work time I get from sleep gives me 90 minutes of pep, and the rest comes from a mug.

Inigo coffee die

I turn my morning coffee into a power breakfast (of sorts). Instead of milk or creamer, I add protein shake. My mug is about 20 oz. 10 oz. of coffee, 10 oz. of protein shake, and I have a light breakfast. In an hour or two, I will take a break from working and make a real breakfast.

But right now I’m having a ton of trouble writing. Maybe I’m overworked? Maybe I’m undercoffeed?

Maybe I’m underDoged?

No, I’m definitely not underDoged.

Ok, this is just becoming and excuse to put up Doge memes. I better get back to work.

doge in space card redux

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