Coffee and Hard Truths (In that Order)

Earlier in the month I talked about how my doctor recommended cutting down on my coffee intake and increasing non-caffeinated fluids into order to regain my scattered concentration. I did it. I cut down to 20-30 oz a day, and increased my other fluids to close to a half gallon.

To my surprise, it worked. Of course this could be that I was in a minor manic cycle and I’ve come out of it. Or it could be that my coffee intake increased my anxiety, triggering the manic cycle. I honestly don’t know.

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Is Coffee Killing My Concentration?

I drink a lot of coffee, more than I even realized. I usually have about 40 to 60 oz of coffee a day, and I’ve been know to have far more. I never even realized how much coffee I was drinking until my nutritionist had me counting off.

40 to 60 is a lot. I was drinking more coffee than regular liquids…So here’s where the story begins.


For the past couple of weeks, maybe even months, I’ve had a glittering fog over my head. I can’t focus, and I’m thinking a hundred and forty-seven thoughts at once. My productivity has dropped down to maybe 500 words and a high five per day. Sometimes I don’t even get the 500 words. Sometimes I get negative words. I always get the high five.

My nutritionist has been on me for a while about replacing some of my coffee with non-caffeinated fluids. She says that caffeine is a diuretic, and without enough fluid to compensate, I will be dehydrated (which leads to a bunch of other problems, including weight gain). I said that I would cut back, but I never did…cause I’m an ass.

coffee iv

When I went to my psych doc about the lack of focus and a potential medical fix like Stratera, she asked me “what’s your coping mechanism for the lack of focus? (because that’s what they always ask)”




I explained that it gives me a focus boost for a short amount of time, so I have to keep drinking it to keep the boost up. When I mentioned that my nutritionist thought I drank too much, my doc went with me through the side effects, dehydration and anxiety the most important in this case. They both cause scattered thoughts.

Irony as bitter as…well…you know.

So my coffee, which focuses my thoughts into a blazing laser blazer beam, is also firing that beam into a broken mirror. Fantastic. Super duper.

coffee 25 to life

I’m trying to wean myself down to 4-5 cups a day this month, and I’m upping my water intake to 64 oz. We’ll see if it helps. Because damn it, I miss my mind, and if my mind is crawling through the desert, it’s never gonna come home until it finds a river.

Come back, Brain, come back!

guinea pig card

Coffee Memes to Start Your Day Right



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Sometimes, coffee (or as I say, cawfee) isn’t enough. You need your coffee with a shot of Funny.

Consider me your barista of the blog. Yes, I know it’s click bait, but it’s funny. In the morning, we need to laugh…or go back to bed.
coffee surprised

I hate when I get up before my alarm. I feel like I’ve cheated myself, so I lie in bed until the buzzer rings. Stupid internal clock.
coffee iv

How convenient would this be? Just jam it into your arm and work. You’ll also save on sugar and creamer.

coffee 25 to life

We’ve all been there…not prison…just wanting to murder someone that talks to you too early.

Inigo coffee die

No words can describe the level of awesomeness. I want this mug.

coffee simon garfunkel

…I’ve come to sip with you again…

coffee gollum

I think that if Gollum had enough coffee, he could’ve resisted the pull of the One Ring. It’d have to be strong coffee, but still…

coffee business cat

Business cat needs to do business things meow.

coffee doge

Oh, you thought Doge wouldn’t appear on one of my meme posts. Wow. Much mislead. So unknow.

doge in space card redux

Wow. Much Coffee. So Drinking.

I really like coffee.

Does this count as a blog post? It’s about nine in the morning. I’ve been up for about an hour and a half, and it’s only now that i’m having my coffee. So that means that the actual work time I get from sleep gives me 90 minutes of pep, and the rest comes from a mug.

Inigo coffee die

I turn my morning coffee into a power breakfast (of sorts). Instead of milk or creamer, I add protein shake. My mug is about 20 oz. 10 oz. of coffee, 10 oz. of protein shake, and I have a light breakfast. In an hour or two, I will take a break from working and make a real breakfast.

But right now I’m having a ton of trouble writing. Maybe I’m overworked? Maybe I’m undercoffeed?

Maybe I’m underDoged?

No, I’m definitely not underDoged.

Ok, this is just becoming and excuse to put up Doge memes. I better get back to work.

doge in space card redux

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