No More Jury Duty!

Yesterday was my last day of Grand Jury Duty, and I did an actual Snoopy dance when I got home. No, there’s no video of the dance, but trust me, it happened. If it was you, you’d do one too.

Unfortunately, I am still without a computer. I’m typing this from the lovely local library, but I have a scant amount of time. My routine is so thrown off from not having a computer, and I am lost without a routine. My brain is so chaotic that if I don’t force myself into a schedule, I’m scattered like Dragonballs (one is on my hat, because that’s a brilliant place to keep it. Good parenting, Goku).

Anyway, I’m just checking it. I see the time bar on this computer inching down, and I want to hit the gym anyway. I put on 6 pounds over the holidays, and I don’t want to start that long decline back to how I was. I’m still down 140 pounds, but I’d like to make it an even 150.

Have a great day, everyone. I love you all…yes, even you.


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