Update Update Update…Update

If you couldn’t tell from the title, this is an update. A bunch of cool writing stuff happened in the past few days.

My short story “Skully” is now in the anthology Twisted Tales: 15 Literary Lies and Epic Yarns, published by Readers Circle of Avenue Park I’m in very talented and established company here, and I’m tickled magenta…which is even more tickled than pink.

You can buy it on Amazon for $2.99, or you can get it for FREE by joining their mailing list here

.twisted tales

I will be attending the Writers in the Mountains book festival, where I’ll be hawking my wares and tap dancing for nickels. It’s Apr 24 in Arkville, NY. If you are in the area, come on by. Arkville is in the middle of the Catskills, and beautiful, especially in the Spring.

I entered The Watchmage of Old New York in Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published Book Awards. I don’t expect to win–Watchmage is damn good, but I’m not ready to say that it’s the book of the year–but WD gives you a score and feedback. If my score is high enough, I’m going to start sending that to agents when I query them. I suspect that I messed up that route by self-publishing, but I’ve nothing to lose.

BTW: you should read Watchmage. It’s fun.


I also discovered that my new publisher for Song of Simon, Caliburn Press, lowered the e-book price to $2.99. Damnation Books had it at more than twice that, so I’m tickled…pink this time, not quite magenta. I wish I knew more about Damnation Books when I signed on with them. They really turned me off to the industry. The run-around I got from a certain large publisher that showed interest in Watchmage and then took six months to reject it didn’t help.

So, you know, good things are happening. Things are good when they’re good. It’s a land of joy…and joyness.

Till, next time: EXCELSIOR!

doge in space card redux


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