A Clarification on Free Speech

I’m trying to avoid being political here, but I keep seeing people raging on social media and then getting butthurt when they get banned from a community or unfriended, etc. I think this cartoon explains it best:

1st amendment consequences

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you say shitty things, expect shitty things back at you. Instead, try expressing your views in a polite, thoughtful manner. The adage “never discuss politics or religion in polite company” is great advice. Just remember: The Internet is polite company. Be careful what you say, it might blow up like this…

gif dog running explosion


guinea pig card


2 thoughts on “A Clarification on Free Speech

  1. I will politely express a contrarian view here … sort of. I agree with your statement, however, I would also say that people do not have a right to freedom FROM speech and when they try to silence opinions they don’t want to hear by any means other than turning to another channel (metaphorically speaking), they are chilling free speech. A venue that is supposedly set up for communications purposes and that has largely created a monopoly in social media does not have the right to monopolize the opinions that may be heard based upon the managers personal opinion of what is correct. People have a right not to listen, but when certain opinions are simply not allowed any expression beyond what the communicator can shout from his back yard, “free speech” has become only permitted speech and that was never what the Founders of the United States intended.

    Sometimes, those opinions that are most deplored by a certain group of opinion makers are the exact opinions they themselves need to hear. Other times, they’re crap, but we can’t really know which is which if some opinions are silenced while others are allowed.

    “Errors of opinion may be tolerated so long as reason is left free to contest it.” Thomas Jefferson.

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