True Colors

I’m different, and I know that a lot of my readers are the same way. Maybe you had a rough time in school: didn’t fit in, were bullied, or just ignored like a shadow on the wall. I know that many of my followers are LGBT. Although I suffered the weirdness of being…well…me, I can’t even imagine what it must be like for them. Imagine your entire identity as contrary to the harsh rules of teen society, where any deviation got you torn to shreds physically or emotionally.

There’s never been anything on TV that focused on growing up LGBT. But there is one project that might change that. It’s called True Colors, and it needs your help.

True Colors is about a group of LGBT teens and their friends growing up in the early 90’s, in the suburbs of NYC. Sound familiar? That’s because the creator is my good friend Michael Mammano. I grew up with Mike (who is openly gay) and he is one of the finest writers I know. This is his story. I know because I was there.

Currently Michael and his production company, Metal Monkey Productions, are running a Kickstarter to film the full pilot. The plan is to shop the series on sites such as Netflix and Hulu: sites that have proven more open to non-mainstream programming.

Here’s a video telling you a little bit about True Colors (more videos here)

As you can see, the writing is sharp, the acting is great, and Michael is incredibly passionate about this project. So am I. I don’t know what it’s like to grow up LGBT, but I know what it’s like to grow up different. We need a series a series like this.

The Kickstarter is ending in two weeks, and it’s well short of the goal, but we can make it happen. If everyone reading this pledged 5 or 10 bucks (or more) we can put this together. I don’t usually solicit people like this, but as I said, this is important.

If you feel the way that I do, throw a couple of bucks at it.

Thank you. We now return you to our regularly scheduled gifs:

gif dog running explosion

gif dog flapping.gif

casanders pirate kitten




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