Writer’s Block

Whenever I start a new novel, I get writer’s block. I always feel like I’m slogging through mud in a swamp where I can’t see the sun. Or maybe it’s more like walking through three feet of snow while wearing only a Speedo. Either way, it sucks.


It’s a bit harder this time because I am trying to pants the story more than usual. Yes, it’s the third Watchmage novel, so I already know where it’s going, but I want it to be a very different journey from the serial. All of the novels have been different from the serial, and I like it that way. I’m a much better writer than I was three years ago.

I have about twenty beats, but that’s hardly enough for a novel. I’m looking to fill in the blanks, and that’s where I fail. I’m afraid that I’ll crash and burn (like this doggo).

gif dog running explosion

I am a plotter. I always have been, and it’s in just about every aspect of my life. I make lists and schedules. I’m never late. Structure is my friend. Without it, I get nothing done.

So why am I pantsing? Because it’s something new, and trying something new is the best way to improve. Sure, you can level up by grinding the same areas over and over, but nothing gives you XP like the unknown.

Unlike some writers who wait for inspiration, I’m writing through the block. I figure that I can always edit something written, but you can’t edit a blank page.

There have also been some crazy things happening around my life and family, which I will not get into. It’s a personal blog, but not THAT personal.

Anyway, I hope that you have a great day.


BTW: If you like offbeat historical fantasies, check out my novel The Watchmage of Old New YorkIf you prefer Grimdark epic fantasy, try my novel Song of Simon. They’re both getting excellent reviews. You’re reading my blog, so you probably like my writing. Take it a step further, and support a struggling writer.

The Watchmage Is Coming

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