Every Story is Death

Death is everywhere

Death is Change

And every story

Is Death.

Coming of Age

Nearer to Death.

Death is Change.

Promises to keep.

Mending walls needing mending forever.

Love: You gain, you lose. You change.

Lose yourself. A part of you dies.

A part rebirths, changed.

Happily ever after till you die.

And you always die.

A happy ending is dying together.

And Death is Change

And Change is a spiral’s shadow.

The world, the universe, is entropy, seeks to tear down.

And rebuild you into something else.

And that will die too.

And rebuilt.

Reduced. Reused. Recycled.

For billions of years.

Every word in you story, every decision, every conflict thrust upon the page.

A moment closer to Death.

And we love Death.

Death is Change

Words are Change.

And the story breaks down, breaks the writer, breaks the reader.

The story will die, rebuilt into something else.

Something better, something worse.

Ideas die, then recycled.

And your words, your precious words

Have all been said before.

Have all died before.

And you rebuilt them, rebirthed them.

Death is Change.

But Death is not forever. A temporary place. A reprieve

Words on a page.

Rebirthed forever.

The cradle to the grave.

And another cradle.

And another grave.

Your story is Death

Your story is Life.

Write it anyway.




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