Legacy Board Games

I really enjoy the Legacy games like Risk: Legacy and Pandemic: Legacy. I love that each game has repercussions that effect every game afterwards. For example, in Risk: Legacy, the winner gets to place a city or rename a continent and gets bonuses based on that, other countries get bonuses and penalties based on battles that took place there, worldwide events are triggered through battles, etc. It shows the devastation of war, and how future wars are shaped by it. We are all shaped by our past, whether it’s on a small or grand scale.

Also, it’s a much faster game, as you don’t have to conquer everyone, just earn 4 victory points.

So I was thinking about other games that could be made into Legacy games.

Monopoly: Legacy–The winner gets to rename a property, and in every future game, they can get some bonus from it (maybe buy for free, or start with a house on it). Or maybe they start with twice as much money as the other players. Instead of small battles like Risk or months like Pandemic, each game represents a generation. It’d be a good reminder that we don’t all start in the same place, and success is easier for some than others by circumstance of birth.

monopoly meme

Battleship: Legacy–At the end of the game, certain spots on the board where ships were sunk are unusable. In future wars, the players have to remember what parts of the board have wreckage and are unplayable. Winning players develop technology like radar and satellites and get a peek at part of the board.

The Game of Life: Legacy–Similar to Monopoly, where each game is a generation, and your success or failures in the previous game determine how you start out.

mongo pawn

Tammany Hall and Diplomacy could work as Legacy games too.

Now lets get silly…

Chutes and Ladders: Legacy–Ladders break! Chutes have holes! New ladders form. Someone builds an elevator! It’s madness up and down!

Candyland: Legacy–Candy shortages through ripped up cards. More shortcuts, or new ones. Winners choose a color where if they land on it, they get to draw again. Delicious insanity!

Okay, I had my fun. Feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments.

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