You Can Go Home Again

You can go home again, but sometimes the new owners have painted the house a different color, and they cut down your climbing tree to expand the driveway.

gif rocky shiver

Friday night I took Katie to her first in-theater viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was a special one at 9pm, so even us old people could stay up for it.

I’ve written about my love of Rocky before, how it changed my life and drew me out of my shell. Rocky was home to me. It was where I felt comfortable. I could be my most authentic self and no one would judge. Now I was the old veteran, coming home to a world that had changed, but dammit (Janet) it was still home.

rocky don't dream it

I loved that so many of the audience partici…pation lines changed over the years. The show is a living thing, and always will be. Yes, it made some of my lines obsolete, but at the same time it made my lines unique. Most of the young ones that go had never heard them. So they taught me and I taught them.

Because it was a special show, there were about 20 virgins there (people that’ve never seen the show) and most of the rest were people that only go once a year. The crowd was quiet because they didn’t know what to do. They didn’t even do the Time Warp because they didn’t know how.

I didn’t care, I was home.

I’d like to go home more. I’d like to make it my home again. But the sad fact is that I don’t have the energy for a midnight movie. I can’t get home at 3am anymore. I am old. I am heavily medicated. I can’t hang with the kids.

But for one night, I was home.

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