My Thoughts on RAW 5/26/14

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The Jobbers Wrestling Review

All together this was a mediocre RAW, but there were a few good moments that having be believing (Bolieving?) in a bright future.

First, Let’s give it up for Brad Maddox, my pick for Jobber of the Week. While Brad is a trained wrestler, he doesn’t see much action. I doubt he even breaks 200 lbs. Yet he took a Chokeslam AND a Tombstone from Kane. It was a boring promo from The Authority (although Steph is GREAT at being the douchebag boss a la Office Space) but Brad deserves credit for taking some hard moves for no real reason. He performed the J.O.B. admirably.

The other potential Jobber of the Week is a perennial favorite, Zack Ryder. He comes in waving the American flag, clearly sucking up to the Tennessee crowd, and gets the crap beat out of him by Rusev. If Rusev didn’t have heat before, he’s on…

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