Ladies and gentlemen.

My co-host’s thoughts on Monday’s RAW

The Jobbers Wrestling Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name El Generico Wookie, and I represent the masses who are tired of the S.O.S. (the same old sh*t). Now I am not as smoothed tongue as my counterpart. You may find me brash, unlikeable, and don’t right rude. But I don’t hide who I am and I don’t cookie coat my views. So to get it started, LETS talk about raw this past Monday.

Let’s start off with the firing of the Non-Existent GM. Brad Maddox. HE was still there? Are you kidding me? The COO and Ms. Billionaire Princess have been running the show since mania, which by the way is WORST FOR BUSINESS. Every decision that they have made since the have made their presence know on network TV has been horrible. I mean Dave coming back and winning the rumble. But I digress from the actual point of this. They have Kane…

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