Raw Recap 6/2/14 (and a little bit about Payback)

Last night’s RAW was pretty good. Check out my recap at my sister-site

The Jobbers Wrestling Review

The first thing I should say is that Payback was amazing. I thought that it would be the midcard that stole the show, and while they were great matches, it was the main events that dominated. Cena/Bray was epic, and Evolution/Shield was even better. There’s so much talent on the roster now, and even more waiting in the wings on NXT. Now is a good time to be a wrestling fan.

But then there was RAW… (I’m saving the big reveal for the end. It was a shocker)

I’m so tired of RAW opening up with a promo. They need to get the energy up, so open the show with a high flying cruiserweight match. Isn’t this why you have Kofi Kingston on the roster?

Even though the opening promo ended with Batista leaving (Bye-tista), I found it tedious. HHH was so awful (You’re finished…Get back here!) that he made…

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