Only The Jets…Again

Yesterday my friend wrote on facebook “Brandon Marshall just replaced the Butt Fumble as the Jetsiest play of all time.” Nothing will replace the Butt Fumble, but it was close.

I was at the game of course. I ate too much, drank too much, and wore a lot of facepaint (and a hard hat). That’s what I do, i’m weird.
It was hard to watch. Without Decker or Ivory, the offense looked terrible. I have faith in Fitzy, but when you lose 2 of your 3 main weapons, you can’t do anything.

Brandon Marshall has over 10,000 yards in his career. He’s an amazing football player, but man, that lateral…come on, man! It’s like I said before: I never get tired of watching the Jets because they find new and interesting ways to lose.

Not that I want them to lose, I just got used to it. Being a Jets fan teaches you humility.

But if there was a game to lose, it was this one. It was out of conference, against a team that most people predicted to be better than us. It was a short week for us because of MNF, and teams usually play worse following MNF. We beat the Colts on the road, so this was like a free loss. It’s a good sign that we shut them out in the second half, and we had a few chances to tie it in the 4th quarter. We just didn’t have the weapons to make it happen.

It doesn’t matter. Sunday in London is the game to win. Hopefully Decker and Ivory will be back. Losing to your arch-rival in front of a different country would be humiliating.

My Brit friends: I’m not saying you should do this, but if you see anyone wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey this week…dolphins love getting fish thrown at them. Chips too.

Aim for between the numbers.

doge in space card redux


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