Book Sale! Watchmage for 99 Cents!

It’s the holidays and I’m a giving kinda guy, so I put The Watchmage of Old New York up for only 99 cents on Amazon (on other sites it’s still $2.99). This’ll only be until New Years, so pick your copy up today.

Obviously this is only for the e-book. Amazon won’t let you sell the paper version for that cheap. If you want a signed paperback, with your own special dedication, contact me and I’ll make it happen.

Seriously, buy my book…do I have to bust out Jon Lovitz again?


Ok, so you don’t ACTUALLY have to buy my book. Honestly, I hate shilling like this. But if you like this blog, you’ll probably like my novels too.


While I’m pimping my ass out for 99 cents (I’d like to think i’m a 200 roses man, but it’s all supply and demand) let me remind you that I have a short story collection that’s FREE if you sign up to my super happy awesome mailing list. You get the stories and a monthly newsletter from me (it’s a fun read, with book deals from other authors too. I’m actually putting the December together this weekend). It’s like having me wrapped up in a (very large) ribbon and put under your tree. Just don’t hand me in a stocking over your fireplace. I sweat.

Click the kitteh graphic below, and it’ll take you to my sign up page.

mailing list cats

But enough with the sales pitch (I’m not even going to mention Song of Simon…oh wait, too late (see what I did there?). Here are some awesome gifs to make up for it.

Much love,


gif harry potter pinned to scrotum

gif dog running explosion.gif

gif star trek dancing

Have a great weekend, and *Jon Lovitz voice* “Buy my book…Buy my book…Buy my book…”

doge in space card redux


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