The Frogs and the Milk

doge in space card redux

One day a forgetful farmer forgot to bring his bucket of milk back in before bed. Overnight, two frogs landed in the bucket and couldn’t get out.

The first frog said “We’re doomed! Oh, death by dairy, a disgusting demise.”

The second frog said. “You presume our passing. If we persist, we will pull ourselves out.”

First Frog: Don’t placate me. I can’t persist in persisting. Such persistence is puddingheaded.”

Second Frog: You’re petulant and petty. Your pessimism will precede your passing.

First: You’re pedantic.

Second: You’re prickish.

First: Put it on my placestone.

And the pessimistic frog fell to the bottom of the bucket and died his disgusting dairy death. The positive frog persisted in persisting, pumping plump legs powerfully all night.

In the morning, the scatterbrained farmer said “Dammit, I left the milk out yesterday.” He raced outside and looked in the bucket.

The farmer saw one persistent frog bouncing on a bucket of butter. The frog broke from his buttery prison to freedom.

When the farmer took out the frog-fouled butter, he found a passed pessimistic frog.

That night he had frog legs fried in butter.

The moral of the story? Don’t drown in butter, or someone will eat your legs. Also, frogs like alliteration.

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