I Love (Hate) Sports

Soooo, the Jets are looking to trade Revis.  A-Rod, Granderson and Texiera are out for the Yanks.  It looks like another frustrating year for Craiggers and his teams.

I’m ok with the Jets dealing Revis, but if they don’t get at least a 1st and 3rd round pick for him, they are getting ripped off.  He is the best cornerback in a pass-heavy NFL, he’s like a freakin unicorn!  Cromartie is a downgrade from Revis, but he is still enough of a shutdown corner that it won’t affect the Jets too much.

What the Jets need is (if they are serious about a “ground and pound” attack) a franchise running back.  Shonn Greene is a good back, but not good enough to star in a run-heavy offense.  They need someone with comparable size (230 pounds) but with more explosive speed.  Sanchez is most effective (some might say “only effective”) off of the run-action pass.  No running game, and Sanchez will be fumbling into asses all season long.

Can I asssss you a question?

The Jets could also use a good WR and a solid RG and RT.  The lack of athletic talent on the offense right now is just sad.  A pass rushing OLB would be nice too, to take some of the pressure off of losing Revis.

As for the Yanks, you can only play with an old team for so long before it bites you in the ass.  Let’s hope that this next gen of players has a Jeter hiding amongst the Kevin Maas’es

It stopped snowing, so it’s time for me to clean off my car.  Snoochie Boochies, my friends.


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