Only The Jets

I’d like to thank the New York Jets for showing me new and exciting ways to lose a game. Thus is the life we lead as Jets fans.

So true.

I’ve seen some awful plays: The fake spike, the butt fumble, the 80s, but I’ve never seen a touchdown called back for a time out that wasn’t taken.

I’m not saying that this one play cost the Jets the game. They couldn’t run on the Pack, they couldn’t get a pass rush in the second half, their best receiver pulled a hammy, and one of their best defensive players got ejected. It’s the uniqueness of the play that catches my attention.

The rule is that only the head coach can call a time out from the sidelines. Marty Mornhinweg, the offensive coordinator, called to Rex Ryan, the head coach, to call a time out. The refs interpreted this as a TO, even though Rex never called it.

A fan and team expects a certain number of bad calls in a game. The goal is to overcome them, and that’s what the Jets failed to do. But come on man!

I swear, the Jets are the Cubs of football.

These memes make me sad


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