My Top Ten Space Cat Memes

I’m a silly person, and I’m easily amused. Few things amuse me more than memes of cats flying through space. They’re the blacklight posters of the Internet Age. If I was a teen right now, I would have posters of them all over my walls. If I was a teen right now, I’d cover my walls with blacklight posters of cosmic cats and watch them as I smoked oregano that I thought was weed.

I know I’ve said this before, but I mean it this time: THIS is my dumbest post ever.

So get ready to save a bunch of pics to that file you keep for weird shit, here are my ten favorite space cat memes. Two of them aren’t true space cats, but their awesomeness demanded placement here. I hope they all blow your mind.

1) Welcome Cat

Welcome to the Internet, you poor, poor, bastard

2) Super Excited Space Cat

He’s so excited, and he just can’t hide it. He’s about to lose control and he thinks he likes it.

3) Angry Super-Detailed Nyan Cat

Those are rainbows of RAGE!!!

4) Doctor Mew

He’s grumpier on the inside…

5) Laser Cat

How is he shooting two beams with one eye?

6) DJ Pizza Cat…In Space

Droppin da bass in outta space…

7) Can Haz Space Cheezburger?

Cats are weightless in space, so yes, haz cheezburger

8) Drunk in Space Cat

That’s his 3rd bottle

9) Rambo Cat (almost in space) Riding a Fire-Breathing Unicorn

Not exactly in space, but it needs to be seen.

10) And finally…PIZZA CAT TURTLE TACO!!!!

This is everything I could ever want in a meme. HE’S POOPING TACOS!!!

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