And Now…CATS IN HATS!! More Cat Memes

Yes, it’s Caturday, and today’s installment of “Craig’s ridiculous cat pics” is Cats Wearing Hats. Can you stand the adorablosity? Probably not. You might need someone to clean up your brains after they explode.

cat wearing graph paper
It’s not exactly a hat, but it’s ridiculous. I promise, the other ones are all hats.

Olde timey banker cat will foreclose on your farm.

Please sir, I want some more…

Professor McGonagall thinks you should be in Potions Class.

Ewok Cat fights The Empire with a crappy spear and the power of Cute.

Frat Cats live on mouse-flavored Ramen.

Hippity Hoppity Hell

Hakuna Matata my ass!

The rare cat-turtle hybrid. Normal Habitat: little league fields.

Santa Cat leaves a lump of poop in your stocking.

So…a kitty dressed as Hello Kitty is still a kitty, right?

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