When Doge Memes Collide: Doge Hybrids

I have a serious addiction to memes. Yes, I love cat memes, space kitteh especially. But nothing…NOTHING…compares to my love of Doge. Ah, Doge, wow, much love, such funny, do want, very laugh, so meme. I have a shirt with Doge drawn like the Stark Dire Wolf. It says “wow, such winter, is coming, much cold.”

And of course, there’s this…

Craig with book and dog head

It doesn’t get geekier, or creepier than that.

Now anyone can make an ordinary Doge meme, but I’m going for something different (because I’m different). Here are some Doge memes combined with other memes. It’s a Titanic Team Up of Shiba Inu proportions (as opposed to the Titanic Team Up I blogged about the other day).

Nic Cage is in your Doge

Such world. Much wonderful.

Good morning Dogeshine. Much Earth so hello.

Doge Fawkes

I really love this one. No joke attached, it stands alone.

Wtf Crowe. Much awful. Ugh voice.

Two of my favorite memes came together for this awesomeness.

Much gin. Such juice.

Doge will survive the nuclear holocaust.

No mistakes. Wow, happy accidents.

I’m kinda over Grumpy Cat. No meme should should have a Christmas movie.

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