Next To You


I am lying next to you, your head nestled beneath my chin. Your hair tickles, but your arm, draped over my chest, feels warm. A comfort. A comfort because I have someone that holds me, and someone to hold. I have someone to take care of, and someone that takes care of me.

I pull you closer and  drape one leg over yours. My sasquatch feet are ice, and you yelp. You threaten to knee me in the balls if I do it again. It sounds like a challenge, and I’m tempted. But I won’t. And you know that I won’t. You trust me, and I trust that if I did, you would assuredly crush my balls.

Love and trust. Trust and love. Me lying next to you. Me having balls intact.

You turn the light off, and we’re in the dark, but my eyes have been closed for a while. I don’t need them. I have everything I need next to me, curled up on my chest, breathing heavy as you drift off.

And I wish that I could stay this way, holding you like that, arms around arms, legs over legs, head on chest. But no. In time, we kiss goodnight and say “I love you.” We roll over and dream, back to back, still touching. One body made from two.

Because we both snore, and if we didn’t turn away, someone would get murdered

Probably me.



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