Parkland Victim Blaming

There’s a counter-argument right now that instead of walking out to protest gun violence, the victims should have been “nicer to the shooters.”

Repeat: They should have been nice to keep them from murdering them. This is some Grade A enabling bullshit.

The victim is not the perpetrator. In a domestic violence case, do you blame the victim? Do you say he/she deserved it?

I’m all for being kind, but being kind to keep someone from murdering you is a sad commentary on our times. Worse, that people actually believe this instead of blaming the shooter is a vicious swerve.

Why the Patriots Won

Before the game, my friend and I broke a wishbone. We both made a wish, knowing that it was the same one (actually it wasn’t. He wished that the Falcons won, I wished that the Patriots lost). The wishbone snapped into three parts, leaving my piece and my friend’s piece the same size, slightly smaller than the third piece.

It was like we tried to fix fate, and the universe went “NOPE!”

I apologize to the entire world except for the Boston area, the small enclave where they don’t hate the Pats.

BTW: How awesome was it to hear Lady Gaga since part of “This Land is Your Land?”

Also, thanks to Lady Gaga, my old article from Suite101 (which I transplanted here when they moved away from actual journalism) on This Land is Your Land went viral again.

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