2016 Never Happened

On New Year’s Eve, Katie and I were driving to my friend’s place for a party. My mind tends to wander when I drive, and I come up with all sorts of weird thoughts…weirder than my usual thoughts, and my usual thoughts are already packets of mud and glitter that nobody understands.

The universe is 14 billion years old. Step back far enough to take it in, and it’s like 2016 never happened. Step back further, our lives never happened.

Humanity is about 200k years old. it’s like people never existed. We’re a blip, an anomaly. Archaeologists from some advanced species a billion years from now probably won’t even notice us.

Hell, it’s possible that other civilizations have been on Earth, but they lasted for such a short time that we’ll never know that they were here. Maybe there was a giant plant society that died out, or talking dinosaurs. Who the hell knows? They’re all blips. They never mattered. Neither do we, and 2016 is a blip of a year in a blip of a civilization in a blip of a species.

I feel better now. BRING ON INSIGNIFICANT 2017!!!

PS: I wish that I could step that far back. But scale matters, and I can’t see beyond the small scale. All I see are actions that cause dramatic reactions and pain. I know logically that it doesn’t matter, but I’ve not logical. I’m human, and that sucks.

cosmic-cat tripping balls redux


New Year’s Revolutions

Well, it’s the first blog post of the new year. I better make it a good one. Let’s start with some kitten hijinx.

gif cat down stairs

I can never get enough of that.

First of all, I’d like to thank all of my followers, especially the new ones that joined in the past few months. Every time I get a email that says i have a new follower, my heart swells a little bit. Actually, it’s my head swelling, but I try to keep that in. I already have trouble finding hats.

whos awesome high five kitten

I hope that I continue to entertain you this year, either through my website, or through my stories. Normally I’d throw in a link to a novel or two, but I’m showing restraint. Look at me, restraining all over the fucking place.

*Pseudo-Philosophy moment* The years turn around, and hopefully we change with them. Evolution is important, but sometimes we need a push. They’re not Resolutions, they’re Revolutions.

So here are my revolutions regarding the site. But first, a poofy dog action hero.

gif dog running explosion

Still better than a Michael Bay movie.

  1. I will blog more often. Sometimes I go for too long without blogging. I don’t know why. I guess I get caught up in life and forget, or I focus too much on my books…still showing restraint here. I’m going to do more of everything. History stuff, Music stuff, Over-analysis of geeky things, weird memes and gifs. Just…more.
  2. I will spend more time reading other blogs. I like reading your blogs, but again, the world catches up to me. If you’re goodly enough to read my stuff, I should reciprocate. Let’s be a community of insecure people struggling to be heard…and post weird stuff.
  3. I will finish the Watchmage Wiki. I think that enough people have read The Watchmage of Old New York  that they might actually be interested in extra source material. I admit, a lot of it is done in a “game format,” as I someday want to create a board game or rpg based on Watchmage, but I think it’s still a good read.
  4. I will update my bio and evergreen material. I’m way behind in this. Some of my pages still have Watchmage listed as a serial on Jukepop. While you can still read it on Jukepop, the novel is very…very different, and much better. The next novel is even more so. Look, still no ads! I’m so restrained, like super duper restrained.
  5. I will limit posts about politics. It’s hard. I hate writing about politics, but the news always seems to suck me in. I get so mad sometimes that I can’t keep my mouth shut, but I’m going to try. If I do post about politics, it will be combined with some sort of geeky, literary, or historical analysis as opposed to straight up “fuck this” or “fuck that.” There are enough blogs out there that do that, and I don’t want to be one of them.

There are other things that I’d like to do, but I don’t know what they are yet. You’ll be the second to know.

Ok, I’m done restraining myself. I can’t take it anymore. Buy The Watchmage of Old New York! It’s like The Dresden Files meets Gangs of New York meets American Gods meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit? meets Starsky and Hutch meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Doctor Strange meets…I dunno, but it’s damn good! You can buy it anywhere, but it’s easiest to post the Amazon link. Oh, and if you want to review it, I’ll give you a free copy. I can always use reviewers. Let me know, and we’ll talk.

Note that I didn’t plug Song of Simon. I figure that one shameless plug is enough…oh wait, how did that link get there?

I’ll end this with something funny to make up for the sales pitch.


Because I really don’t. Have a great day, and keep reading. I love you all, but not as much as the It’s Raining Tacos song. Sorry.

header for blog updated

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Hey everyone. I want to wish all my fellow tribespeople a happy Rosh Hashanah. Shannah Tovah!

BTW: Shannah Tovah is short for L’Shannah Tovah Tikatevu. The translation is “may you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year.” Shannah Tovah just means “for a good year.” I hope I’m getting my Hebrew right (I only know a few words and sentences) or else I’ll look pretty dumb.

Enjoy all the deliciousness.

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